Software Solutions

PlanetPress Suite is a complete software solution which allows for the creation of transactional variable data documents and customised document workflows.

With PlanetPress Suite, use any host data or existing documents to produce and generate high volume transactional print jobs. Enhance and modify documents for repurposing and enrichment with OMR or barcodes, streamlining your post-print operations and reducing your costs.

With PlanetPress Suite, add value to your business documents using the information you have on your customers. Easily define business rules determining the content that will appear on each page, whether it’s text or graphics. Use your transactional documents as marketing vehicles and opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell with variable transpromotional messages.

Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed on any printer, sent by email or faxed, reducing postal costs, and indexed and archived in Electronic Document Management systems.

Business forms & document creation, processing and distribution are expensive. With PlanetPress Suite, you have a single and affordable solution for all your documents and forms integrating host data and ink.
Turn every communication into an opportunity to build loyalty and fuel sales

  • Convert data into targeted, relevant business communications
  • Efficiently slash document-processing costs

Drive more business with better communications

  • Quickly respond to market opportunities
  • Easily enhance existing documents with OMR, barcodes and conditional graphics
  • Transform business documents into attractive advertising vehicles with transpromo messages

Use technology to create revenues and benefit from a speedy ROI

  • Reduce labor costs and associated production turnaround
  • Accelerate distribution process, speed up the payment and reduce postal costs
  • Use digital archiving and reduce the cost of customer service

Improve your business processes with no change to the system in place

  • Implement a single and proven solution for all your documents and forms
  • Make no change to your infrastructure and ensure compliancy with enterprise applications
  • Automate tasks and reduce your workload

Basic PlanetPress Suite Presentation

This short video covers the basic capabilities of both PlanetPress Design and PlanetPress Workflow. A sample invoice is made from scratch, enhanced and then setup for automatic distribution.

Why customers select PlanetPress

A webinar which explains why organisations select PlanetPress? This recorded webinar provides an overview of the many reasons why PlanetPress is so popular and information on the typical user.

PlanetPress Suite Document life cycle

During its life, a business document usually goes through different steps: document design, distribution, data capture and archiving. This short animation shows how PlanetPress Suite, a document workflow automation solution, can be part of each step.