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eCopy ShareScan v5 is based on a simple, yet compelling idea that can be expressed in one word: ENGAGE.  An MFP document capture solution that enables MFP users to engage their business systems and processes at the point of capture through a simply engaging and interactive interface delivers superior value to customers.

A completely new design, an expanded software suite, increased device support and added functionality to automate document capture processes simplify managing distributed MFP capture workflows and enable users with more advanced imaging capabilities.

eCopy once again sets the benchmark for next generation MFP document capture solutions.

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eCopy ShareScan empowers your staff to capture the data in paper documents easily and securely using readily available copiers and MFPs.

Capture information trapped in paper with the World’s Most Accurate OCR Engine – making it as accessible as data

Process documents with near perfect precision – boosting the productivity of office workers

Connect directly to business applications – empowering knowledge workers to do more, more efficiently

Automate paper-intensive document workflows – accelerating business processes

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eCopy PDF Pro Office is the smart PDF companion to MFP scanning, enabling easy, yet powerful PDF creation, editing and conversion for maximum savings without compromise. It enables business users to create, view, convert, edit and collaborate with 100% industry-standard PDF files.
Create PDF files directly from your scanner, MFP, or any PC application that can print
Convert to PDF from Microsoft Office or create PDF files from any document with a single click
Combine files and remove or replace pages with drag-and-drop ease
Connect seamlessly to leading document, content management systems, and cloud services

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eCopy PDF Pro Office – Unlocking PDF documents